Method ANM


The ANM method is most effective in reducing anxiety, restoring and developing cognitive abilities in adults and children. анм-1.jpg

A child during an ANM session listens to specialized sound stimuli in headphones for no more than half an hour and can play his favorite games, watch cartoons, draw, talk to a doctor or parents, etc. Children often call the ANM sound a "squeaker".

The full ANM course consists of 10 ANM sessions which have to be performed every day or every other day.

Method ANM is highly effective in reducing anxiety and hyperactivity, at such diagnosis as ASD, ADHD, mental development delay, speech development delay, in the recovery and development of cognitive abilities in children.

How it works?

A neurologist or psychotherapist during the initial consultation determines a differentiated strategy for presenting with ANM sound sequences taking into account characteristics of the diagnosis and behavior of a child.

Does your child need it?

ANM allows quickly and effectively:

  • to improve the child's behavior;

  • to bring the child out of an overexcited or depressed state;

  • to reduce the severity of symptoms;

  • to correct logopedic problems;

  • to correct digestive problems;

  • to solve problems of enuresis and sleep;

  • to improve the quality of life.

Basis of ANM method.

For the creation of presenting sound stimuli sequences ANM technology uses a carrier frequency in the range of 600-3000 Hz and a unique nonlinear sound modulation algorithm with parameters corresponding to the main frequency ranges of bioelectric activity of the human brain. Thus, the ANM algorithm is not available in any other numerous methods of sound and music therapy.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the method ATEC questionnaire was used before and after 10 ANM sessions in 4 categories:

  • Speech/Language/Communication skills

  • Socialization

  • Sensory skills/Cognitive abilities

  • Health/Physical Development/Behavior

ATEC Total Score Scale:

  • 10-15- child without signs of ASD, completely normal, well-developed child; АНМ тест 2.jpg

  • 16-30 - child without signs of ASD, small deviations in the direction of developmental delay;

  • 31-40 - child with mild or moderate degree of ASD;

  • 41-60 - child with a moderate degree of ASD;

  • 61 and above – child with severe degree of ASD.

What is the process of ANM session?

First, it is necessary to adapt children to use headphones.

1. A child is put on headphones, adjust a comfortable sound volume and start prescribed sequence of ANM sound stimuli.

2. ANM sessions are going on in the presence of parents. During the ANM session, a child may play with his favorite game, watch a cartoon, draw, etc.

3. Classes with a speech therapist, psychologist, and any training programs, including physical therapy, may be recommended in parallel with ANM sessions.   

The licensor of ANM method is Biosensor Inc. (USA). The company "Doctrine Consulting" supervises the application in the post-Soviet space.

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